“Professional, focused, go-getter, finisher, discreet and loyal. These are just a few of the words I would use to describe Chrissie’s work. In addition, she has an easy-going way about her – – even and especially in times of high stress – – that manages to find just the right human connection with people to negotiate, deliver and basically do whatever it takes to get things done. I recommend her highly and would, without any doubt, hire her myself and/or work with her again on a passionate project such as the work we did for Sarah Small.”
Megan Browne, Independent PR Consultant / Artist & Event Management

“Nobody can replace Chrissie Rouse. She is the consummate professional, always with a positive attitude, keeping on top of things to no end. I have never seen her drop the ball, and I have witnessed her handling of potential fires with grace. She works brilliantly under pressure, researches the most important details some might miss, and makes everyone involved feel secure in the success of her projects.”
Abigail Wright, Actor/Singer, Self-Employed

“Chrissie is exceptionally organized, thorough, and intelligent. She is adept at coordinating enormous groups of people flawlessly and thoughtfully. Even under intense deadlines, her work is always exceptional. Any company would be very lucky to have her aboard.”
Sarah Zar, Consultant, Tableau Vivant of The Delirium Constructions

“Chrissie was an absolute pleasure to work for. She was both approachable and assertive. She contrived strong teams due to her caring attitude and her willingness to tackle any dilemma head on. Chrissie’s creativity was unrivaled and she is sorely missed.”
Gabriella McCauley, CSDH, Stop & Shop

“Without Chrissie’s honesty, dedication and seamless management style, the Tableau Vivant productions would not have functioned so efficiently. She is a sheer pleasure to be around, and can work with a variety of strong personalities in the stress of a deadline situation. It is my sincere hope that I will have the privilege to work with her again in the future. Any production that selects Chrissie to be apart of their team will be a success – she wouldn’t settle for less.”
Christina Rosado, Recruiter / Researcher, SIS International Research

“Chrissie Rouse is a talented creative individual I’ve come across in a long time. She possesses great people skills and very patient. Chrissie takes pride in her work and works well with others. Her directions and work ethics are professional and personal. I endorse Chrissie Rouse.”
Ampora McLean, CEO, Sassyampi Inc.

“Chrissie Rouse is smart, energetic, creative and dedicated to completing a project in the best way possible. She’s someone you want on your team!”
Smokey Forester, Owner, Smokey Forester, Incorporated 

“Chrissie is a dream to work with. Efficient, organized and effective, excellent at planning and multi-tasking, and always delivering outstanding results on time. As a plus, her great writing skills, combined with her keen sensitivity and understanding of the art world and the needs of artists and performers, make her the perfect person to curate editorial content and presentations. We are going to miss her.”
Elena Avesani, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Contaminate NYC, LLC.

“When they say good things come in small packages, the dictionary definition should include Chrissie Rouse. She is an immense ball of energy, talent and skill sets compressed into a small space. I have met many project coordinators in my professional career, but none have come close to her ability to work under pressure and coordinate with peak efficiency, execute and deliver beyond expectations”
Vincent Agri, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, REMAX Metro Real Estate