POTD, Week Ending June 26th: Interpretations.


Crashing waves, but a starless sky
A world escaped 
Still burning in those big eyes
Memories flash
As the relics wash away
Breaking free
Mistakes, fear, a clouded pain
Years, silenced
Walls towering high
And in a moment of lifelessness
It all seems to run astray
Dim, then dark
A pause, then a thought
Maybe now, she’s ready.to.start.living.again.

Night’s Meadow, 2011, Mixed Media on Unprimed Linen, 13″ x 17″


Night’s Meadow is the first in a new series of paintings and mixed media works, entitled Interpretations ~ A study of existing imagery, re-interpreted with a brush, pen, or piece of charcoal, based on a newly juxtaposed set of literature for each work.

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