justanotherday – the.work.behind.the.artist

After weeks of wondering where to begin, I had a thought:  What better way to inaugurate this blog, than to give you a little bit of insight into what I’m working on – the inspiration behind it all.  Here you’ll find just 4 images from my continuously evolving photography series, Just.Another.Day, along with brief look into the mind behind the lens…

Just.Another.Day is a collection of photographs based on the original guitar piece, Human World, by my brother, Michael. In my photography, like in my painting, I work with multiple subjects, from portraiture to landscape, with a simple, common objective in the search to capture the essence of being – whatever that may mean for the project at hand. My work functions as a collabortive effort between visual expression and written word – integrating literature in the form of thought, poetry and musical lyric into the stories I intend to convey with each of my visual subjects.

I am most intrigued by the ability to capture the candid nature of human expression and form into a still exploitation. Even in the most choreographed of scenes, I find there are always moments to be captured on film that define the true fundamental core of one’s character. I take this approach with non-human subjects, as well, exploring the most minute and delicate aspects of nature, with electrifying spontaneity, on a macro level.

Just.Another.Day marries humor and the joys of living and exploring, with hints of sadness and the unexpected that make up each of our days. Highlighting my most loyal subjects, friends and family, and the parks and beaches of Long Island that allowed me to be the person and artist I am today, this series represents exactly that – just another day in the search to capture life in it’s raw form.

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